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Wrong choices.

Posted by Cyronix - 1 month ago

After every decision I make, I feel like it's mistake.

So recently I signed up for homeschool, and tomorrow is my last day of public school, but despite looking forward to homeschool, I'm suddenly feeling regret...

Same goes for everything else, I regret something shortly after doing this or that...




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If you're commonly finding yourself feeling regret after everything you do, it may or may not just be a mental problem and maybe you should see a psychologist about it--I'm not one, so I have no clue on what your mind is like, but it may or may not be a mental dysfunction or illness that causes it, only way to know for sure is to get it checked.

But if it isn't a problem with your brain's functionality, and if it's just the choices you make, maybe you should work on being less impulsive about stuff like this. I don't know. It depends how long you've really put thought into doing homeschool. You know, how long you really looked into it and thought of it from every angle.

Maybe I can help you think about it. I'm doing online school at home this year. The pros and cons to homeschool are easy to figure out.
If you're doing your homeschool online by yourself, on a site like Edgenuity for example, it can be tedious and hard to deal with. However that's only if you're actually trying to learn anything. It's pretty easy to cheat on that stuff and not get caught. There's sites like Brainly where all you do is just copy paste the question into the search bar and see an answer for it by someone who took the same test or lesson as you. And in terms of watching the videos it shows you, you really don't have to. I just open up a new tab and play My Friend Pedro, or Earth Taken 2 while the video plays, and I pause the game when the video's over to do the question. So if you don't care about learning and just wanna be done with school, cheating is easier in homeschool. But learning does suck more cause it feels lonelier and more tedious.

However, one big con I see to it is there's no socialization, you have no friends to hang out with, nobody to talk to, nobody to even look at. It's just you and the computer screen. Now, for me this really sucks, but for you, judging by your About Me, I'm willing to bet you see it as a good thing. I personally think you should get in more social interaction anyways because I feel like everyone needs to whether they like to or not, but that's my opinion. It's not necessarily a proven fact. So, it may very well just be another pro to you.

Honestly doesn't seem that bad, I don't know what you'd be regretting here.

Also, I hope this post didn't come off as insulting with me implying you could have a mental disability. I myself have some disorders, like ADHD and autism. Well, I guess the ADHD doesn't matter as much, but having autism really makes things different for me than others. Having been diagnosed though was great, and ever since then my life has changed for the better, and if you have anything funky going on up there, you should make sure it gets found and diagnosed, that will make life a lot easier for you and you'll be able to feel normal, or at least, kinda normal. I still run into problems with it but at least I have help with it too.

When one is in school long enough they get used to social interaction. Be it with friends, teachers, even the most hated aspect like bullies has been the norm. So when you leave all that behind, you miss it.

Cuz you are a 17 years old anti-social,go outside and search a girlfriend/boyfriend

@Omni-RHX Ummm, knowing the nature of that instruction you said after the comma, that isn't human interaction etiquette to say that.